Week Eight: Gurus’ Day

img_20161217_155402After effectively living in the Makespace for a little over a week, Gurus’ Day almost felt like a relaxing day off. I met some interesting people whose general project-related advice was reassuringly consistent: blog often, prototype as early as you can, and get as much feedback as you can. Mad Murdo informed me that while it can be difficult to secure a graduate placement through traditional channels, there is an increasingly high demand for UX at every level. While I am applying to a number of Masters courses, I would like to work in UX over the summer, so this was both good news and helpful advice: I will apply to some graduate internship programmes but I will also contact interesting companies / organisations directly and see what comes from that.

img_20161217_154450Interestingly I had a fantastic response to my PeDeTe boxes from not only our visiting gurus but also my colleagues at Social Digital. What began as a metaphor became an object which intrigued people enough for them to come over and interact with it. Some had multiple attempts, went away, and returned later to try again. Bing took photos, and had an IM conversation with a friend who asked for a video of it. Almost the whole class asked to play with it, and while it is always gratifying to have my work appreciated, this was different; people weren’t just admiring something I made, they were having fun engaging with it, returning later with friends elsewhere in the room, and sharing it with friends in other countries. This curious serendipity was immensely rewarding: I had not factored into the design of my presentation the playful spirit of those around me, but had accidently created something which encouraged precisely the kind of experience I am aiming for in my project. People were having fun, and that was wonderful. I want to facilitate that more in my future work.



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