Week Nine: The Future, Part One

It has been an interesting week. I’ve followed up on some Gurus Day leads (more on those in later posts), spoken with the Product Design Masters students (more on that in a later post too) but mostly have been exploring options for my future studies. Wednesday was the Postgraduate open day here at Dundee, and next week I will be visiting St Andrews. Although I have previously spoken to Rachel at the School of Computing about Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Wednesday presented me with the opportunity to speak to Emese Nagy from the School of Psychology about their part of the programme. Since I have never studied psychology I was concerned that I might not be prepared for the course, but she informed me that prior knowledge of psychology is not necessary and that the school runs a kind of crash course in research methods and data analysis in psychology to support students from other fields. She enquired about my current course, and following discussion of my recent work suggested that I would be a good candidate and encouraged me to apply.

I also emailed Lynne Duncan, the programme co-ordinator, who reiterated that prior knowledge of psychology is unnecessary, but listed a few books that I might find helpful should I wish to gain a basic understanding of relevant areas of psychology over the summer. (I do).

So, now I’m off to write my personal statement. For my undergraduate application this process involved writing four drafts, so I’m glad I’ve been thinking about this course for some time and know exactly what I want to include in the statement for it. I expect it will still be a couple of weeks before I’m happy with it though.

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