Week Twelve: Final Concept Presentation

It feels strange to have been preparing a final concept presentation. The concept I will present next week is very far from being final; but nonetheless preparing for this presentation has been a useful exercise to help clarify the direction the project will take. While the technologies that could be utilised in an accessible game have never been far from my mind, this week marked the beginning of my consideration of aesthetic concerns – and while it is perhaps natural to consider how information about a game could be conveyed in a non-visual form when designing for visually impaired people, the design of visual elements is actually critical to the accessibility of this game as careful visual design can allow all but the completely blind to read and understand information. The definition of blindness varies from country to country, but a person who is legally blind in the UK is not necessarily completely blind, and the majority of people with visual impairments retain some usable sight. The game should still be accessible to someone who is completely blind, but its aesthetics should support its accessibility to those with some limited vision.

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