Week Eighteen: Richard Banks

Today our studio welcomed Richard Banks, from the Human Experience and Design Lab at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, as a guest speaker and one-off project adviser. As I am ultimately looking to work in research it was very interesting to hear more about real-world, industry funded research and fantastic to have the opportunity to speak one-to-one with him about both my project and future plans.

We had a chat about how he found his way into his current job through experience, but that most of his colleagues had taken the more traditional route into research via undertaking a PhD. This is currently the path I intend to take, but I will probably need to take time away from academia after completing my Masters in order to work and save enough to support myself through a PhD.

In regards to my project, we discussed how the visually impaired gaming group I met last year actually added an extra dimension to their gameplay which sighted players do not experience. This is an area he advised I investigate further, suggesting that I should aim to create an experience for visually impaired people which their sighted opponents would be envious of.

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