21.2 Audio Tags

When a card is scanned by the player, an audible version of its rules text is played. While I have established these rules should be read by a human voice rather than a simple text-to-speech system, over the past few weeks I have been considering exactly where these audio files come from. It would seem inefficient to demand that they are recorded by relatives, friends, or carers specifically for each individual user and it is my belief that this would be a task best crowdsourced to the gaming community in general. Friends, relatives and carers of visually impaired people can still record audio tags through the system, but tags for card / token components of each game would only need to be created once as they would then be made available for all users. It also provides the potential for special customised editions to be created – imagine if, for example, the rules for cards in the Game of Thrones games were to be read by the actors from the show? This would both create publicity for the system and raise awareness of accessibility issues within gaming.

In preparation for creating a digital prototype of the key pages of this social site, I have been drawing wireframes and working out the site architecture.

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