Week Twenty Three: More Wireframes!

This time they are for the app itself. I have abandoned the buttons as I stated I would in my Mark 1 presentation in favour of making each section of the screen an active link. Tapping an area twice will tell the user what option is assigned to that area (in the manner of a reminder text that appears on hovering over an icon), tapping once will play a tone to serve as a kind of audible icon, and to select an option the user will swipe the area towards them, as if picking up a card. To exit back to the previous screen the user will swipe up, away from them, as if discarding a card. This mapping of interaction with the system to interaction with game elements is something I am very keen to implement as I have been concerned that bringing digital technology into the experience of playing a tabletop game undermines the inherent physicality of gameplay.

Swipe down ‘blue’ section to read tag. Tap or swipe left on ‘yellow’ to read cards previously scanned. It reads their associated audio file one at a time, starting with the most recent. Swipe up during the reading of any card to remove it from the list – mirroring the actual discard from hand.

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