Week 24 : Mark II

My app now recognises cards by QR code rather than by NFC tag as this allows the users to print the identification device at home rather than requiring them to buy any additional items in order to play the games they have bought. I’m having issues with a recurring camera framework bug, so I’m skeptical of the effectiveness of my current prototype to demonstrate how the app should actually function.

On a more positive note, I have started to look at branding. Previously I simply used primary, high contrast colours, but they don’t make for a very appealing or modern interface. It is also the case that just as a person losing their hearing loses certain frequencies first, so too does someone losing their sight lose the ability to distinguish colours. Therefore I have chosen to use two colours which can easily be distinguished from each other and whose appearance is, more or less, consistent even to people with all types of colour blindness. I intend to also use these colours for the QR codes themselves, and have started to work a square motif, inspired by the use of those codes, into my logo and application icon.


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