Week 28: Community Site Update

While my main focus has been on developing the app, I have taken forward my wireframes for the community site to and from which the audio files it requires are sent and created a digital prototype of the homepage. This has been built using Adobe’s new Experience Design, a beta version of a new addition to the Creative Cloud. Since this is a beta version, some of the bugs can be forgiven (although I am not impressed that it managed to lose the ‘below the fold’ section of my site* the night before my Mark II presentation), its has a lot of issues which need to be resolved. Why does the zoom work in such a weird way? Why, when it allows transitions does it only output to PNG? And why do I have to create a separate board to delineate the ‘below the fold’ half of the screen if I want to be able to jump to it from an icon on the ‘above the fold’ section? Why can’t I just anchor link to something within the same board but in different ‘viewports’?

So, it’s been interesting to play with and test the limits of. Sadly, I’ve hit the limits within an hour of playing with it, so until it is more fully developed I’ll be using Proto.io, which is a shame because I’d actually rather use an installed app on my laptop than work online at the mercy of temperamental home broadband. It does however, look quite promising as a future rapid prototyping tool.

Android Tablet – 1

Android Tablet – 2
Below the fold. This used to have text before Experience Design inexplicably lost it.


*Actually maybe I am a little impressed it managed to lose it. It lost saved work without even crashing.

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