Week Zero: The Future, Part Three

My degree is complete. In a fortnight, I get to graduate with first class honours, then fly to Copenhagen to participate in a couple of workshops at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design thanks to being granted the Bradshaw Award. I don’t know who you were, Mr, Mrs, Ms, or Dr Bradshaw, but thanks for continuing to support DJCAD students in building their futures.

I have decided to accept the offer from Dundee to study Augmentative and Alternative Communication, so for now, my home remains here. As for this project, it may be over as far as grading is concerned, but I intend to continue working on it, so this blog will continue to serve as a development diary, although it may undergo a redesign in the weeks to come. The visually impaired guys who assisted in my research are happy for me to return with further prototypes for them to test, and hopefully in time it will help lots of visually impaired players enjoy a wider range of games.

For now though, I’m taking a few days off to celebrate.


degree show.png
Degree show space – time to turn off the lights!


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